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Where To Buy Leclerc Celebration Cookies

Where To Buy Leclerc Celebration Cookies ===>

My dad has been buying these cookies for years! They are often on sale at the stores near out house where you can get 2 boxes for $5. These were always one of my favorite cookies from Leclerc. You get a great amount of cookies at a good price! These are great to have with tea or to serve to guests.The chocolate on the top of the cookie is smooth and rich. It is a delicious and decadent milk chocolate. The cookie itself has a nice bite and it is lightly sweetened. The cookie reminds me of a classic tea biscuit. The sweetness of the chocolate and the mildness and crunch of the cookie pair super well together.I have heard of people use take two of these cookies and put a marshmallow in the middle to create a s'more. 59ce067264

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