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Solitary Fitness

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Solitary Fitness

Stoner, contained within an industrial fence that dominates the gallery space, consists of a baseball- pitching machine that has been modified to hurl stones at two large tiled walls some forty feet away. The walls, on closer inspection, are covered with aged and cracked tiles in the color of bruised flesh, encrusted with human hair and filth. The floor is littered with the hundreds of stones that Ursuta hand-made to be fired through the machine. Stoning is a centuries-old method of capital punishment by torture, still sanctioned and practiced today in a handful of countries as the penalty for adultery, among other crimes. But absent from the present execution is the victim, her body subsumed within the backdrop of her death; and the perpetrators, their throws reduced to the motion of a machine designed for the solitary pursuit of athletic practice.

Charles Bronson, known as Britain's most unruly prisoner, serves as the point of departure for Andra Ursuta's latest show, which takes its title from a fitness book Bronson wrote while in solitary confinement.

While most of us will thankfully never end up behind bars, I think we can all take a lesson from convicts on how to not let your circumstances be an excuse for your fitness goals. Below we highlight bodyweight exercises used by prisoners the world over to get strong and stay strong.

Why buy a 300 pair of running shoes They won't increase your strength, you're being mugged off big time, so why can't you see it But who am I to say all of this, what proof have I got in what I say ... Well, read on and you'll see for yourself and save yourself a lot of money. Once you've read my fitness routine you'll never be ripped off again. For the first time in my life I'm going to share with you the secrets of my Solitary Fitness workouts that are now legendary throughout the penal system.

Right, a lot of the so-called professionals of the fitness game are gonna tell you my regime is based on multi-thousands of press-ups and sit-ups per day, and that this book is gonna be based on that ... bollocks! Those armchair critics couldn't push out one, never mind ten push-ups; they just want you to keep them company ... If people like this are holding you back, they're not your friends. Get rid of them coz they're negative, what I call lemons! Look, even the England manager has his footballers doing basic exercises. I bet you don't get Beckham telling his gaffer he don't want to push out ten burpees coz it would spoil his hairdo!

My way makes a mockery of the fitness world as I do it on the basics. I don't want pills or silly drinks or steroids! Sure, I miss the steaks, but even so I don't need it, so why do you Why do I need a 300 pair of shoes or a 10 sweatband to look good My sweat drips in my eyes and down my body, but it's pure sweat, good honest sweat. I want to feel the rewards of my workouts drip down my brow. How many films have featured Bruce Willis wearing a vest, dripping gallons of sweat from his brow ... what if he wore a pretty pink-coloured sweatband around his head

Can't you see that they're all laughing at you You're paying good money for people to say, 'Oh, you're a bit fat, do this,' 'Do it this way' and 'Don't eat that, eat this.' You're like a naughty school kid, your teachers are laughing at you! Well, it's time I blew a big hole in the fitness world, it's time you got the TRUE FACTS from a man who's proven his way works, and shall I tell you what it costs Next to nothing! I'm not out to rip you off or laugh at you; I'm here to prove once and for all that fitness is all in your head.

You're brainwashed by TV showing films of unreal people, muscle mags with images of muscle-laden wooden edifices, magazines full of waifs, or you see a supermodel who's anorexic and suddenly you're the one who's fat and out of shape. Hey, don't get me wrong, I've seen a lot of good fitness mags out there ... but not the ones showing steroid freaks on the front covers! Look at people like Steve Redgrave, that rower geezer ... he'll live forever, while you muscle freaks will die from a broken heart, literally!

If you're convinced you can see it through then I promise to make a new you, a more confident you, a sharper-minded you and fill you with a new spring in your step. How many times have you promised yourself a new you You've tried all them horrible liquid meals, you've been kicked out of diet clubs for breaking the scales and you've been kicked out of aerobics class coz you were starting to make dents in the new shiny wooden floor. Or maybe you haven't got the confidence to join a gym, so now's your chance to go it alone. This is gonna be your fitness Bible, the biggest thing in your life, as big as the rebirth of Jesus! But this book is not a floor show for you to ogle: it's 40 years of a world of fitness, 30 years of perfection, even the diet will prove what I say. Believe in it, don't doubt it, you have to have faith in yourself too.

Bronson has written many books about his experiences and the famous prisoners he has met throughout his incarceration. A fitness fanatic who has spent many years in segregation from other prisoners, Bronson wrote a book about exercising in confined spaces.[8] He is an artist; paintings and illustrations of prison and psychiatric hospital life have been exhibited and won him awards.[9]

Bronson was convicted of armed robbery in 1974, aged twenty-two, and sentenced to seven years imprisonment. He was sent to Walton Gaol, and soon ended up on the punishment block after attacking two prisoners without being provoked.[21] He was transferred to Hull in 1975.[22] After refusing prison work, he smashed up a workshop after an altercation with a prison officer, and was sent to the punishment block.[23] He was also injected with the sedative chlorpromazine (which made him violently ill), and six months were added to his sentence.[24] After recovering he continued to prove a highly challenging inmate, and was repeatedly placed in solitary confinement (isolation) for several months.[25] He attacked fellow prisoner John Henry Gallagher with a glass jug, and was charged with grievous bodily harm. (Charges were later dropped to unlawful wounding, and he was convicted. Nine months were added to his sentence.) He was transferred to Armley Gaol.[26]

Peterson found that his reputation as a violent and highly dangerous inmate preceded him. During 1975 to 1977, he was switched between Armley, Wakefield, Parkhurst, and Walton prisons;[27] he was taken from Yorkshire to London chained to the floor of a prison van. Kept in solitary confinement, he began a fitness programme. He continued to attack other convicts and damage prison property.[27] While recovering in solitary from a beating given to him for punching two prison officers, Bronson was handed the divorce papers filed by his wife.[28]

His father died in September 1994, during a period when Bronson was in constant solitary confinement and was moved almost weekly.[90] He attacked the governor at High Down, who had felt safe enough to visit Bronson on his own, telling his prison officers that "he's okay with me".[91] At Lincoln, he was allowed to spend time with children with Down syndrome; he was taken out of solitary and placed back on the prison wings after getting along well with the children. He was returned to isolation after returning from 30-minutes' exercise 30 minutes late.[92]

While in prison, Bronson developed a fitness regime and in 2008 claimed he could still do 172 press-ups in 60 seconds and 94 sit-ups in 30 seconds.[134] In 2002, he published the book Solitary Fitness, detailing an individual training process with minimal resources and space.[135]

Global warming can disrupt mutualistic interactions between solitary bees and plants when increasing temperature differentially changes the timing of interacting partners. One possible scenario is for insect phenology to advance more rapidly than plant phenology. However, empirical evidence for fitness consequences due to temporal mismatches is lacking for pollinators and it remains unknown if bees have developed strategies to mitigate fitness losses following temporal mismatches. We tested the effect of temporal mismatches on the fitness of three spring-emerging solitary bee species, including one pollen specialist. Using flight cages, we simulated (i) a perfect synchronization (from a bee perspective): bees and flowers occur simultaneously, (ii) a mismatch of 3 days and (iii) a mismatch of 6 days, with bees occurring earlier than flowers in the latter two cases. A mismatch of 6 days caused severe fitness losses in all three bee species, as few bees survived without flowers. Females showed strongly reduced activity and reproductive output compared to synchronized bees. Fitness consequences of a 3-day mismatch were species-specific. Both the early-spring species Osmia cornuta and the mid-spring species Osmia bicornis produced the same number of brood cells after a mismatch of 3 days as under perfect synchronization. However, O. cornuta decreased the number of female offspring, whereas O. bicornis spread the brood cells over fewer nests, which may increase offspring mortality, e.g. due to parasitoids. The late-spring specialist Osmia brevicornis produced fewer brood cells even after a mismatch of 3 days. Additionally, our results suggest that fitness losses after temporal mismatches are higher during warm than cold springs, as the naturally occurring temperature variability revealed that warm temperatures during starvation decreased the survival rate of O. bicornis. We conclude that short temporal mismatches can cause clear fitness losses in solitary bees. Although our results suggest that bees have evolved species-specific strategies to mitigate fitness losses after temporal mismatches, the bees were not able to completely compensate for impacts on their fitness after temporal mismatches with their food resources.

The point is, the reason why Bronson could (and still can) perform all these impressive feats is because of how committed he is. He has passion and determination, which is all you really need when you want to accomplish your fitness goals. In his eyes, you need to be consistent if you want to see real results. In the end, the fact that he remained so consistent despite his conditions, his lack of equipment, and everything else, is what has transformed him into a fitness icon. 59ce067264

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