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Ghost Win 7 X64 Sp1 Gho [BETTER]

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Ghost Win 7 X64 Sp1 Gho [BETTER]

I'm trying to do this on a 64bit system with a W3520 Quad core Xeon, it is running Windows 7 Enterprise X64 with SP1, I have plenty of free hdd space, the file I am trying to convert is 16,172,608 KB. Is there a limit to the size of the file ghost can convert

bản win7x64 full driver đuôi gho ad để app cài driver ở thư mục nào vậy mak vào win lúc bung ghost vào ổ cứng rồi lúc vào win là có sẵn lun driver usb 3.0 lun phải ko ad 153554b96e

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