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A toned, fit, well-traveled body and mind is one of the best things you can show off. Yet plenty of us worry that our bodies will attract the wrong eyes, and that our minds will bring themselves to the attention of the wrong minds. In The Sober Dressing, Martine Belliveau delves into the history of our so-called “dress code” (Picture it: Mary Tyler Moore and Michael Landon unloading a truck full of L.L.Bean plaid pants. It was then and still is the haute couture of American men). The United States is home to some of the fittest people in the world, and yet we worry about what anyone else sees. The world does not revolve around you, your wardrobe, or your waistline. It revolves around you and how you look to the world, and what the world thinks of you. So what's with the whole body shaming thing? Want to look your best? Opt for lace or corsets-- not gym clothes. Want to let everyone know that you're in shape? Wear spandex tights. experience life in style, and live so that you can look great in the eyes of the people you love.

A mindful life is a joyful life. It's a life that has balance. Countless studies show that people in more developed societies have an average of three times more anxiety than those in less developed societies. This can be mitigated by a few simple steps. First, be kind to others. Really mean it. When you hurt someone, treat it like it's happened to you. Don't project your own hurt feelings on them. Second, take responsibility for your own feelings. Don't blame them on something outside of yourself. Third, third, and third-- take a moment to just be. When our thoughts are racing, when our brain feels weighed down, when we're put on a losing path, take a moment to come back to the present moment. Just be still for 20 seconds. Step back and smile. Smile first when you're working out, and when you're walking the dog, and when you're watching your children play. Laughter is a secret of happiness, and it costs nothing. Sure, it doesn't solve all your problems. d2c66b5586

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