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Philip Bespalov
Philip Bespalov

Flashtool 0 9 0 0 Windows 18

nRF-Command-Line-Tools-Win32 SHA256: 6768d4c63f22bb533034c29407e5dd3716c27b4fc4ede39c929162f457614f94nRF-Command-Line-Tools-x64 SHA256: 2aea5135666eeb3bf56f4eca52d78a972626e2231e1de34260a0a3872c1fcb94nRF-Pynrfjprog SHA256: 43A4DBA756A1F715F79BE8ED50EC2D60C8B4DC4936FE054A8E98CD1DF0F7A966nRF-Command-Line-Tools-Linux64 SHA256: feef8422f9bb763ad283a8d4e8e78efddac80edfce79a78c3a38a68d7a855883nRF-Command-Line-Tools-OSX SHA256: 47f4ec8142765d94adf914ad62a2c319ed1cf873fd996ca95207026617bad45a- (Release) Update bundled Segger installers and tar balls to v7.50a- (nrfjprog.exe) Made --coprocessor flag with CP_APPLICATION as the argument available for all devices.- (nrfjprog.exe) When an error condition occurs, nrfjprog.exe now prints the last error messages from nrfjprog.dll as part of the error output if logging is enabled.- (nrfjprog.exe) Fixed issue where not all memory layouts were correctly discovered.- (nrfjprog.exe) --program no longer checks if flash is erased before writing in order to improve performance. The user can append option "--verify" to check memory after write operation.- (nrfjprog.exe) --program can now be used perform modem firmware upgrade using debugger on nRF91 devices by passing the modem firmware .zip file as argument.- (nrfjprog.exe) Added field "RetainRAM" to QSPI ini file.- (nrfjprog.dll) Quality of life improvements to coprocessor management functions.- (nrfjprog.dll) Add QSPI management functions.- (nrfjprog.dll) Add highlevel program, read_to_file, erase, and verify functions.- (nrfjprog.dll) Add support for managing multiple J-Link connections. See NRFJPROG_*_inst functions.- (nrfjprog.dll) Removed implementation of deprecated function NRFJPROG_is_ram_powered, deprecated since 9.2.0. The function now returns NOT_IMPLEMENTED_ERROR.- (nrfjprog.dll) New error return codes.- (highleveldll) Add NRFJPROG_*probe_init_ex functions that use msg_callback_ex with an optional argument param instead of log_callback. This allows easier logging of multiple probe instances.- (highleveldll) Added support for pipelined updates of nrf9160 modem in supported bootloaders.- (highleveldll) When using NRFJPROG_*probe_init_ex constructors, SWD-based probe connections can now set clock speeds manually.- (highleveldll) NRFJPROG_program() no longer checks if flash is erased before writing in order to improve performance. Enable verification to check result after writing.- (pynrfjprog) APIError now contains the last error messages reported from the dll if logging is enabled.- (pynrfjprog) Removed deprecated function NRFJPROG_is_ram_powered, deprecated since 9.2.0- (pynrfjprog) Drop support for deprecated Python versions 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5- (pynrfjprog) MultiAPI.MultiAPI is now deprecated and will be removed in a future major version of pynrfjprog. It redirects to LowLevel.API that fulfills the same purpose.- (pynrfjprog) HighLevel: DebugProbe and IPCDFUProbe constructors can set SWD clock speed through keyword argument clock_speed.- (pynrfjprog) Updated with new functions from nrfjprog.dll, adding program_file(), read_to_file(), verify_file(), erase_file(), qspi_init_ini(), qspi_start(), qspi_configure() and qspi_configure_ini.- (pynrfjprog) Update find_latest_jlink script to support windows installs with J-Link sw pack installs in both program files and program files(x86)- (warning) Please note, it is now more important than before to always explicitly close a connection using the appropriate function call. Failure to properly clean up a session will lead to leftover jlinkarm_nrf_worker processes remaining in the system. This may prevent your program from exiting. This may also prevent future nrfjprog or J-Link sessions from working correctly.

flashtool 0 9 0 0 windows 18

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