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Trackers advise clients if they do not have an incoming connectionfor a while, and manually restart connections that have been running for anexcessive time. That said, the reason to reopen connections (i.e., restart a connection)is to reconnect to the same peers. The torrent file may change IPaddresses (e.g., if a downloader resets the connection), so peer IDswill not necessarily match.

Data transfer takes place whenever one side is interested and theother side is not choking. Interest state must be kept up to date atall times - whenever a downloader doesn't have something theycurrently would ask a peer for in unchoked, they must express lack ofinterest, despite being choked. Implementing this properly is tricky,but makes it possible for downloaders to know which peers will startdownloading immediately if unchoked.

When a peer fails to respond for a while, the torrent clientmight halt all other connections and retry the peer (similar to a deadpeer). The client then has to decide whether or not to retry.If a peer has been offline for a long time, and the client knows how long thisis (i.e., has the timeouts set correctly), it might only retryafter a certain delay. Retrying a peer allows the tracker to update theinterest state.

The trackers report this information on the data page via an attribute called "balance". The tracker's balance is the sum of its outgoing connections plus its incoming connections. When a re-announce occurs (which happens when a peer fails to communicate "seeders" for a certain period of time), the tracker calculates a new balance. This is the same as the difference between its total number of connections and the number of former connections that are currently active.

If you are timing an individual distribution which is faster or slower than the median time taken to complete, you should use the following algorithm. It works by taking a cut-off time, and announcing each successful download's completion once it is completed. d2c66b5586

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