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Anyways. You attributing the success of PS1/PS2 and Xbox to some sort of copy protection sceme is misplaced.People would of bought them either way.ID software allows you to download the game itself off their ftp server. You just need the data files. It's not regulated, it's no charge. The 'cdkey' protection is laughably easy to circumvent. But they are still able to make a boatload worth of money. Sure you didn't know anybody that used cracking to circumvent Xbox protection, but I bet you also didn't actually ask anybody did youMy mom had a plumber try to sell her PS games for a dozen for 20 bucks when he found out that I liked playing video games. Yes, it was a bit weird.I know people that have cracked Xbox scemes to install Linux.I've cracked protection scemes in DVD devices to play non-US videos.I knew a guy that cracked the protection scemes in his PS2 so he could play japanese games in it.I would say that these devices succeed despite the protection scemes. Second Life and Open Source Posted Dec 16, 2006 18:49 UTC (Sat) by mikov (guest, #33179) [Link] 153554b96e

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