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Anton Stepanov
Anton Stepanov

Sons Of The Forest (v32498) [Early Access] _VERIFIED_

It's also worth noting that Sons of the Forest is still an early access game, meaning it will likely be something that has a bunch of kinks that need to be worked out over time. We don't know much about the grand picture for Sons of the Forest, but early access also implies it will be getting big updates in the future that greatly expand on what the game's core foundation is.

Sons Of The Forest (v32498) [Early Access]

Hailed by many as one of the best open-world horror games, at least according to Metacritic, The Forest seemed to come about at the right time, during a period in which a lot of early access and indie survival titles like DayZ and Rust were being released. Whether Endnight's sequel will be just as praised remains to be seen, but many are no doubt looking forward to what's on offer. 041b061a72

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