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Skill-based defense: Counter moves are big in NBA 2K24. Perimeter and paint defense are both more effective and reward players for anticipating and making good reads NBA 2K24 MT.

Adrenaline Boosts: Redesigned to make both offense and defense more engaging. Elite ball handlers will find more freedom to create while effective defenders can impact shooting abilities by locking ball handlers down.

Coach with ease: 2K Smart Play is back on New Gen to help players streamline their offense, defense, and coaching to make it easy to call plays. Choose up to 16 preferred actions ranging from full plays to isolations and give-and-gos.

Takeovers: Takeover returns for New Gen consoles in NBA 2K24 but with a new twist. Fill up the Takeover meter and then choose to activate either your Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Physicals, Defense and Rebounding abilities.Check out the latest Courtside Report 2K sent to us from NBA 2K gameplay director, Mike Wang and stay tuned for additional details later this month and into September prior to launch.

The first trailer of NBA 2K24 is out, and ProPLAY is the talk of the town, at least for the next-gen users. The new feature will make the overall gameplay more authentic in offense and defense. As for the latter, players will enjoy some amazing features that will help them prevent the opposition from scoring more baskets.

This includes the introduction of skill-based defense, which will reward those who will be able to perfectly time their actions. However, it will also require a higher skill level for them to work perfectly MT 2K24.

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