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Becoming Burlesque

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Becoming Burlesque

Heather Vince has a varied background in publishing, design, make-up artistry and a passion for advocacy and social change. Occasionally she can be caught dabbling in antics such as burlesque and chair-dancing. Connect with her on Twitter.

Last night was the opening night, at the Al Green Theatre, for the cabaret/revue/burlesque narrative, Becoming Burlesque. Working with the Love Letters Cabaret Dancers, director and writer, Jackie English (who shares directing credit with Sebastian Marziali), brings to life a glimpse into the burlesque world, featuring scintillating choreography from Pastel Supernova.

The cast alongside English, included Kasia Rheann( Minou), Amber-Kelly Mackereth (Azura), Knox Harter, Julie McLaughlin (Revel), Sweet Rosie Mae, Thrasher, and Liana Lewis (Petra), is all amazingly talented, and it is readily apparent that the art (and it is an art) of burlesque is in extremely talented hands. and other body parts.

Thomas Benton has filled scores of note books with sketches of the U. S. scene which eventually find their way into his work. He boasts that all his burlesque queens, stevedores, Negroes, preachers, and college professors are actual persons. His vivid portraits of them are fast becoming collectors' items and the cost of Bentons has been steadily rising since the Navy put him on the right artistic track. Last week, Thomas Benton, who is usually jolly, had a special reason to be cheerful. He sold his oil, Cotton Town (see reproduction), to Marshall Field III.

A painter of the city is Reginald Marsh who was born 36 years ago to Muralist Fred Dana Marsh in Paris. As a tousle-headed boy (he is now almost bald) he went to Lawrenceville, later to Yale. In spite of his very proper education, Artist Marsh thinks "well bred people are no fun to paint," haunts Manhattan subways, public beaches, waterfronts, burlesque theatres for his subjects. The Metropolitan and Whitney Museums thought enough of his work to purchase examples. 59ce067264

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