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Coldplay - Greatest Hits WORK

Thanks to more hits like "Yellow" and a rigorous touring schedule, Coldplay became as big in the US as they were in the UK, not only helping to reestablish common artistic ground between the two countries but bringing the sound of mainstream rock towards something more gentle and melodic than distorted and aggressive. Eventually, major labels stopped looking for the new Nirvana or the new Radiohead and started looking for the new Coldplay.

Coldplay - Greatest Hits

Candlelight: A Tribute to Coldplay is a brand new experience coming to Glasgow, that brings "the magic of a live, multi-sensory musical experience to awe-inspiring locations never before used for this purpose." All of Coldplay's best hits, from Sparks to Yellow and even Paradise, will be played in Glasgow's Trade Hall later this month.

Ultimately, Neil Young is a master songsmith with some of the greatest songs ever written to his name and a slew of high-profile admirers under his belt. You can say what you like about Coldplay, but there is no doubting that everyone likes at the very least one of their tracks. 041b061a72

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