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Skachat Draiver R9 270x

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I have an R9 270x 2GB video card, I am using Windows 10, and I am having problems with this video card in games such as Fortnite, Hello Neighbor (It may have something to do with the Unreal Engine), so in Fortnite when I launch in full screen mode, the game stops on the screen, but you can hear that the game has not frozen, that is, the game is working and if you click on Start, the game will change frame and freeze again on a new frame, the same with the new game Hello Neighbor 2, and sometimes the game only works instead of real I see the colors of the game as if it were negative, the most interesting thing is that I tried to download old versions of drivers (for example amd-catalyst-14-12-win8-1-64bit (despite the fact that it is intended for Windows 8.1, it worked perfectly on Windows 10) there is no such problem, I hope for support. (I know that I wrote everything in one sentence, I apologize for that)

I have an R9 270x and I get black screen TDR crashes on some games: Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Warframe, Dota 2. In Far Cry 4 I crash on the Himalayas levels. I do not get any crashes on most other games, it seems to happen more on multiplayer or online-only game engines that are a bit old now. Most games from between 2014 to now run great without problems. Games like Doom and Witcher that have much higher graphics requirements run without any problems and do not crash. My card isn't overheating and I have tried multiple drivers but I see the same crashes.

I'm actually still keeping the "faulty" R9 270x that I've replaced. I think there's too much of a coincidence that everyone experienced this around the same period of time. I have 2 other friends that have experienced the same issue too within the week. I think it has something to do with the September 11, 2018 Windows update. I've checked around the internet and saw a lot of posts around that time period too.

I have the same problem. Only able to run with the Microsoft Basic Display Driver, and can't install any AMD display driver. I have the R9 270xthe problem came up on tuesday. Unfortunately can not predict why the error comes. Have my PC already reinstalled.

Artis, I really admire your persistence on this issue my friend. I think it would be appropriate for me to summarize that we all have the same issue. R9 270x, etc. I have actually narrowed down the problem and I would say with confidence it is indeed the driver and maybe its compatibility with the new windows update. 59ce067264

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