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Temple Run 2 APK Old for Android - How to Install and Play the Original Game

In the Temple Run 2 app from 2013, you play as an explorer who stole an artifact from an ancient temple and is now being chased by the guardians of the temple. You need to run, jump and dodge the obstacles to survive. The further you run, the more coins you can collect and the higher your score will be.

temple run 2 apk old

A few days ago, the crew KotGa have played this game at the new iPad. The good news is it can be downloaded for free from the AppStore with a size of 45.7 MB installer, free games cool. This game tells the story of an adventurer who was being chased by the Evil Demon Monkey on the temple. Adventurous gamers task is to guide it on the run to avoid arrest by the Evil Demon Monkey, bumping into obstacles, slip or fall from a height.

First time playing this game at the new iPad, KotGa crew felt that Temple Run has better graphics and more clear than the previous series. In addition, the atmosphere also brighter because now, the character will act on the outside of the temple. Then, the shape of the Evil Demon Monkey becomes larger so that the tension while playing doubles. However, the most important thing for the crew ran KotGa is an expression that scampered character when pursued by Evil Demon Monkey was very convincing. Uniquely in the game, the character is not only running, but, the character must also be hanging on a rope or ride the mine cart to move to the next track. Character can be controlled by means of swipe up to jump, swipe down to sliding, swipe left or right to turn and tilt the gadget to the left or right to make the character move sideways (to take coins).

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