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It was the first time he set foot in a live band situation and the first time he had to write a song, ever, where he had to write the instrumentation You cant be a punk, you have to be cool and an artist. You have to be classical he wrote. He went from mediocre to good, and that first day he went to the recording studio with this song he was an embarrassment of riches. He had all this energy, he had a lot of what to offer, but he had no clue what kind of song to make with it. So we did this experimental take where its a guitar and voice thing, and then when I was going for the chorus I had the idea of a choir. After some rehearsals and noodling around, we got to this point, and we were so excited. He took everything that was good about himself, into this song, and it was perfect, and its still one of his best songs in my opinion.

There is the soulful, unrequited rap dialogue, the lilting realisation that there will be no answers in the physical world, the half-plucked guitar the resonance of that, and the huge hooks, all playing off each other. It makes you think of all the songs youve got that you like. Even the build and the fall, those huge sort of musical bridges that sneak up on you and don't let you go. The catchiest hooks Ive ever heard in a pop song.

The return of the rejected chord, and its arrival on the number one spot, doesnt come without soul searching. Its a track of character, temperance, and a search for clarity. But what is clear is that on this album, Coldplay have not only edged away from the fatalism of their debut, and back to a more traditional sense of hope, but theyve become more unique. There were plenty of criticism - and deservedly so - that there was too much embracing of the more conventionally commercial aspects of pop music, and despite a massively successful comeback, they never did get the guitar-heavy epic feel back. 2011s Mylo Xyloto, despite the occasional sluggishness, would prove to be their best album since A Rush of Blood To The Head. But this November, theyve been rewarded with the number one spot. 3d9ccd7d82

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