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Unitek Usb To Serial Driver Windows 7 43 hilaheck




i have ubuntu. and it doesnt list any devices. but i have to do it manually :) because it finds none of the usb-serial devices and the lsusb command can't find it so how do i install it? :D the package contains the source, i assume and i'm not the expert here, so i guess that's why im asking hi. I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and i would like to make it boot with kernel "splash" but i am not sure what i should be using in GRUB. please help. how do i know the name of the device in ubuntu? i'm used to lsusb but the device is unplugged TomyBook: lsusb without the -v gives you the devices ok :) If I want to link to an executable from my root folder, should it be $HOME/opt/project/ or $HOME/opt/project/ k1l_, "Found 1 usb-serial devices" is that good? :D TomyBook: i mean without the -v ah :) it finds none "Bus 005 Device 002: ID 058f:6362 Alcor Micro Corp. FlashCard Reader" TomyBook: its not showing the usb-serial device? no TomyBook: looks like that device is not working. lol or it is dead ive never heard of that company so i dont know if it's dead or what I've made an update from 13.04 to 13.10, but I can




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Unitek Usb To Serial Driver Windows 7 43 hilaheck

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