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Apktool M: An App that Lets You Edit, Sign, and Merge APK Files

This is from the apktools official website. Because it needs aapt, it seems quite hard to use apktools in an Android app. But if you can get the source code and compiled in an aosp environment, it could possibly make it run on the Android side.

apktool m apk english version

I am experiencing very annoying problems with the application apktool problem.I do not understand what i am doing wrong, or what the problem is.I tried this on debian , and on linux mint. I used different versions of apktool,

My problem was solved by deleting the \framework\1.apk, making a backup on the files I modified, ereasing the dir and decompiling the *.apk again, etc... (on linux, the path is home/[user]/apktool/...). After the update, apktool always loaded the old resource table. N

Definitely seems like the aapt PATH problem I had awhile back. Have you added aapt to PATH? If you still have problems, I have made a good apk kit in bash to avoid all these dependency problems. It supports apktool, signapk, zipalign,adb, fastboot, and heimdall. Check it out. All you need is a current java install.

So, the solution was visits apktool's official site, e.g. -v2-2-2-released/ (it's latest version at this time of writing), download it, md5sum it, e.g. md5sum apktool_2.2.2.jar to verify, then rename that apktool_2.2.2.jar to apktool.jar.

In my mind the problem is how you install apktool...I had the same problem and I did this and it worked very well:For installation you first have to remove any installed apktool by the command:sudo apt purge apktoolThen you'll have to install apktool but in a different way.To continue save the link bellow as apktool in a directory.[ ]Then open this link below and download the latest apktool.jar file: rename the file as apktool.jarAfter that give both files the permission by the command:

3. In current folder (where you store the LÖVE APK), open Command Prompt/Terminal in the current directory and execute apktool d -s -o love_decoded love-11.3-android-embed.apk and new folder love_decoded will be created. You can use any folder name, just make sure to make it consistent in later operations.

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