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A Ram Sam Sam


A Ram Sam Sam

Light-hearted and fun to sing, this Moroccan round will work just fine with piano and classroom percussion, but the tracks are very special. To learn more about the African percussion, see the feature below, and look back to the percussion article in Music K-8, Vol. 3, No. 1.

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This folk song has fun words and a simple melody for students to follow. After learning the song, I ask students to lead their classmates using the microphone. They are excited to hear their own voice through the microphone system. By being a leader, they reinforce the melody, words, and actions of our song. It is a great opportunity to showcase their leadership skills, singing skills, and increase their performance comfort. A couple of students were a little shy about singing with the microphone and led the hand movements while their peers sang.

If you have little kids at home, you must be familiar with the song A Ram Sam Sam. Accompanied by wild hand gestures and catchy tune, it is no wonder why kindergarten and preschool children made it into a fun game. The lyrics may seem nonsensical, but the repetition and alliterations make this nursery rhyme attractive for pre-k singing.

A ram sam sam is a kids' folk music originating from Morocco. Since its inception, this popular children's song has undergone several revisions. The other versions change "A ram" to "Aram" and "Sam Sam" to "Zam Zam."

The lyrics often get distorted according to the accents and dialects of different countries. Sometimes ""a Rafiq"" gets mispronounced as ""agapee"" or ""arami"" and ""a ram sam sam"" sounds like ""a ram sa sa"" or ""a ram zam zam.""

The song is usually sung in the Moroccan dialect and is in the Arabic language. It does not have much meaning attached to the lyrics; "A ram sam sam" have no real meaning. However, "guli" translates to "tell me," and "a Rafiq" means companion, comrade, friend, or mate.

This is just one version of the many variations you can try out! You can have the children clapping their hands, moving fingers near the scalp ("crazy" move), or pulling hands from the bottom as if they're stuck in quicksand.

For example, for the first elimination, you can remove "A ram sam sam." Don'tDon't speak it but continue making the gestures. Next round, you can remove Guli guli. Remember, you cannot remove continuous words!

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A Ram Sam Sam begin life in Morocco where it was a game for children, but it had a different name than what you may know it by today. This is a fantastic game that you may play with the children, or you may use the motions as part of singing the song. The origin and adaptations of the song are quite exciting because this was not an English nursery rhyme. This is a desert nursery rhyme that children played with when it was called Aram Zam Zam.

Aram Zam Zam is the way that we knew about the nursery when it began long ago. Little boys and girls in Morocco were all asked to perform their own motion or action, and they make up a whole song of actions that the children may learn at any time. You will give the children the opportunity to learn quite a lot about themselves and their class, and you will come across children who are very good at each motion or action.

There is a child who will alternate their fists hitting the ground, and there are children who will pull their hands apart. There is also a child who will spin their fingers around their head like they are saying that someone is out of their mind. These three actions are associated with different parts of the song, and the motions may be done in a canon style if you wish to te

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