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Some gardeners think that by adding sand to their clay soil it will "cure" the problem but it actually is more like a recipe for making cement! You can't change the texture of your soil but you can improve its structure.

Before planting in spring, add compost and aged manure. A 2- to 3-inch layer worked into the soil to shovel depth is a good amount. Be sure to add at least a few weeks before planting to allow the material to break down.

Gardening in clay will not be different when starting from seed; but if you are transplanting something, like a tomato plant, try to root wash all the potting soil from plant, then plant in the native soil, slowly mudding in the native soil with water until air bubbles are gone. The difference in soil texture causes a perched water table effect, and why many find it difficult to grow in clay.

Are you frustrated with your clay soil Tired of standing water and sparse lawn growth Have you ever planted a tree or shrub only to have it die These problems and more can be the result of Unhealthy Clay Soil.

When most people think of fertile soils they think of dark, loose topsoils. These are soils rich in nutrients, humus, and beneficial microorganisms and as a result, are great soils for growing a healthy lawn and garden. Unhealthy clay soils are typically lacking in these elements.

RestoreClay will help correct any harmful conditions in the soil that are hindering the growth of microorganisms, in addition to adding new ones. This increase in healthy biology will accelerate the creation of humus and add nutrients.

To maintain the results, you should be able to spread the applications out to 3-4 times a year. The further into the program you get the longer you can go between applications. The soil gets better over time and repeated applications.To help keep your applications on schedule we now offer a Subscription Service. Save 10% when you sign up for regularly scheduled deliveries.

Used Humate along with RestoreClay all last season. Four applications. Definite changes for the better! The products work as advertised and I've already noticed the clay is more absorbent and lawn already looks better than last year. Per SoundStart program going to two applications this season.

My lawn areas were compacted clay from a new home site, completely void of any topsoil. I have applied three applications and beginning to notice improvement, and this is in December. One more application in early spring and I expect to see good results. I would recommend this product to anyone with poor soil quality.

I have started my second three month order application and my soil is definitely softer. The product works. I have hard clay and the results are remarkable. After my first three months I reported positive results so I continued to use their product. I am very pleased.

Now, a team of researchers at MIT has come up with a promising approach to controlling methane emissions and removing it from the air, using an inexpensive and abundant type of clay called zeolite. The findings are described in the journal ACS Environment Au, in a paper by doctoral student Rebecca Brenneis, Associate Professor Desiree Plata, and two others.

Clay is fine-grained earth that can be shaped when wet. It contains sand, minerals, tiny rocks and other natural soil components in different concentrations. Clay comes in a variety of textures and colors depending on their particle size and composition. Clays that have high concentrations of iron oxide tend to have a rusty, red or orange appearance while those with no iron at all look gray or even white, which is the case with porcelain clay.

Stoneware clay is the most versatile and easiest to work with. If you are a beginner who's trying pottery making at home for the first time, we recommend you to get stoneware clay. It comes in a variety of colors from white to dark brown. Once fired, pottery made out of stoneware clay is very durable, strong and non-porous, which means i

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