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Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth: DIY Recipes and Tips

Rosemary oil has become increasingly popular as a natural solution for hair growth and thickness. This essential oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help stimulate circulation in the scalp, potentially encouraging new hair growth. When used regularly, rosemary oil may help prevent hair loss and support stronger, healthier locks.

In this article, we’ll provide recipes for making your own rosemary hair growth oil blends at home. We’ll also share tips on how to use rosemary oil properly and safely in your hair care routine.

Benefits of Rosemary Oil for Hair

Before diving into the recipes, let’s take a quick look at why rosemary oil is so beneficial for hair health:

  • Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp - This brings vital nutrients to hair follicles and removes waste and toxins. Improved circulation can wake up dormant follicles.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties - Rosemary oil helps reduce inflammation and unclog hair follicles that may be blocked by buildup. This creates an ideal environment for new growth.

  • Antioxidant protection - The antioxidants in rosemary oil strengthen hair strands and help prevent damage from free radicals and pollution.

  • Anti-microbial properties - Rosemary oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities help keep the scalp clean and healthy.

  • Natural diuretic - Rosemary oil may help remove excess toxins and fluids that can contribute to a swollen, irritated scalp.

  • Stress relief - The comforting aroma of rosemary oil can help reduce stress, which is a common trigger for hair loss.

Simple Rosemary Oil Hair Growth Recipes

Now let’s look at some easy recipes you can whip up at home to harness the growth-stimulating benefits of rosemary oil:

Pre-Shampoo Scalp Massage Oil


  • 3 drops rosemary essential oil

  • 1 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil

Directions: Mix the rosemary oil into your choice of carrier oil. Apply directly to your scalp and massage gently for 5-10 minutes before shampooing. The massage will boost circulation while the oil penetrates to nourish hair follicles.

Overnight Scalp Soak


  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil

  • 2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil

Directions: Combine ingredients in a small bowl. Before bed, massage the oil into your scalp for several minutes until absorbed. Cover hair with a shower cap and leave oil on overnight. Shampoo out in the morning. Do this 2-3 times per week.

Refreshing Scalp Spritz


  • 15 drops rosemary essential oil

  • 4 oz water (filtered preferably)

  • Optional: 1 tsp vegetable glycerin

Directions: Add the ingredients to a spray bottle and shake well before each use. Section damp or dry hair and spray directly onto scalp. Massage in gently with fingertips. Use 1-2 times per week after washing hair. The glycerin helps condition hair strands.

Rosemary & Peppermint Growth Elixir


  • 3 drops rosemary essential oil

  • 2 drops peppermint essential oil

  • 2 oz castor oil

Directions: Combine the essential oils with the castor oil in a glass dropper bottle. After washing hair, use dropper to apply 4-6 drops directly onto scalp. Massage in and style hair as usual. The peppermint oil adds a refreshing cooling tingle.

Rosemary & Lavender Scalp Treatment


  • 4 drops rosemary essential oil

  • 4 drops lavender essential oil

  • 2 tbsp argan oil or olive oil

Directions: Mix essential oils together with your choice of carrier oil. Massage into scalp and length of hair. Cover with a shower cap and let sit for 45 mins to an hour before washing out. The lavender adds a calming effect.

Tips for Using Rosemary Oil on Hair

  • Always do a skin patch test before trying a new essential oil to check for allergic reaction.

  • Only use rosemary oil externally - it is not meant for consumption.

  • Don’t apply undiluted rosemary oil directly to skin - always mix with a carrier oil.

  • Start with lower concentrations and work up to higher amounts gradually.

  • Take care to avoid contact with eyes.

  • Store in a dark glass bottle away from light and heat to preserve quality.

  • Use rosemary oil consistently for at least 3-4 months to see results. Hair growth is a slow process.

  • Combine with massage, scalp brushing, and finger pressure to enhance circulation.

  • Rosemary oil can help thicken hair but won’t prevent genetic hair loss or naturally thinning hair. Manage expectations.

  • Monitor for skin dryness or irritation and cut back on use if necessary.

  • Talk to your doctor before using if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on medication. Avoid in children under 5.

Whip up one of these simple rosemary oil recipes to boost scalp health and stimulate stronger, faster hair growth. Along with a balanced diet and healthy hair habits, rosemary oil can be an excellent addition to your hair care routine. Just be patient, consistent, and mindful with your usage. Let your locks flow!

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