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Yoyo Games Sonic Fgx

The Rush games were better. The one time I found boost a fun mechanic and I liked how the trick system could be used whenever you bounced off of anything rather than it being a very restrictive thing only when passing a rainbow ring.

Yoyo Games Sonic Fgx

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it depends on what you disliked about sonic rush. theres alot more replayablity with extra levels and finding emeralds and shit but there are vehicle sections in between each island that can be a turn off for some people, and sometimes you have to grind to get materials, but you can just use bonus levels for that.

heres something sadas an autistic teenage sanic fan I found this game maker game on yoyo games which had the sonic advanced playstyle, you could play every character and it had a boost I thinkbut the best part was that you could template the sprites and add your own sprite edits to it 350c69d7ab

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