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It's time for a perfect MILF porn tube, this place is packed with mature mature porn videos and you gotta love it! This a truly amazing for all fans of MILF honeys.Just sit back, relax and browse through this porn treasure island thats filled with MILF whores. Some of the hottest porn mature clips on the Internet can be foundright here. Don't miss out this unique XXX opportunity, nowadays it's hard to find such a magnificent website. These mature mature porn videos are just perfect!

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Even with these movements toward sexual liberation, American broadcast networks were and still are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), prohibiting them from airing "acts of indecency" without receiving a hefty fine (unlike movies which could easily include nudity). In 2008, the FCC proposed a $1.43 million fine against ABC TV stations for showing a partially nude woman in a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue and Janet Jackson's breast-baring wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show garnered CBS a proposed $550,000 fine.

Free from the FCC's indecency and profanity regulations, premium cable channels in the late 90s and early 2000s started featuring programming that pushed the boundaries of what was once considered acceptable nudity on TV. In the late 90s, it wasn't uncommon to see bare breasts or butts in sex scenes. By the late 2000s, it was no longer shocking to see full frontal of a woman. And even nowadays a man's full-frontal region is no holds barred.

While we see several instances of explicit female nudity, there are various instances of full-frontal male nudity in the first season as well. In one scene, a man's entire body is revealed after a woman leaves him spread eagle on a bed. Uncensored male nudity is displayed in various other scenes throughout the course of the show.

  • Tabletop Games In Dungeons & Dragons: Dromites are a race of short, psionic, mildly-Insectoid Aliens with no sexual characteristics or notion of gender, save for a city-hive's Grand Queen and Elected Consort, who are chosen on a yearly basis and take on sexual characteristics to produce eggs. Dromites still form emotional attachments with each other, however, and enter "life bonds" that are likened to marriages, though they commonly involve multiple people, with new members being brought in as older ones pass away.

  • Warforged from the Eberron campaign setting are sexless and often go along with whichever pronouns people use for them, though some do identify with a particular gender.

  • Although Changelings have a "natural" sex, they are able to shift sexes or assume a sexless form just as easily. Since only high-level magic can pinpoint their original sex, it mostly only serves to fuel Fantastic Racism through fears of an Unsettling Gender-Reveal.

  • Shardminds in 4th Edition are a human-shaped species whose bodies are made of psionically infused crystal. They have no biological means of reproduction and tend not to acknowledge genders, although some might have more masculine or feminine body shapes.

  • The Cthulhumanoid Illithids are hermaphroditic and reproduce by spawning tadpoles, which they insert in the brains of helpless humanoids to metamorphose them into new Illithids.

  • Angels and demons in In Nomine are technically neuter, although many that spend time on Earth end up acquiring a gender-bias, depending on which sex of vessel they most often have. Elohim don't acquire such biases (they are by nature supposed to avoid bias) and Kyriotates and Shedim switch bodies so often they usually don't imprint on any one gender, and Lilim generally identify as female.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Orks are sentient fungus/algae hybrids that reproduce independently through spores note in real life many fungi actually have a system of Bizarre Alien Sexes rather than reproducing asexually, but then, the Orks were bio-engineered as Super Soldiers by Sufficiently Advanced Aliens and asexual reproduction does allow them to take over planets a lot faster. They act extremely male, however.

  • Necrons, being robot skeletons, are similar. The Necrontyr, the now-extinct species that was converted into the Necrons, evidently did have the usual two sexes as most sapient species do in-universe, but are now almost entirely mindless combat robots. The few that do still retain their sentience and memories identify with their original genders, even if they no longer have their original bodies.

  • While they may behave otherwise, the daemons and gods of Chaos are all sexless entities. As they're effectively constructs of mortal thought, biological ideas like sexes are meaningless to them. Various cultures that venerate the Gods, knowingly or unknowingly, have attributed different genders to them in-universe. While most of the Chaos Gods are most often seen as male, Slaanesh, God(dess) of Excess and Lust, display this most blatantly. It's common for their daemons to be explicitly hermaphroditic, usually taking forms physically split down the middle with male characteristics on one side and female ones on the other.

  • Gods in Exalted have whatever gender (if any) that most suits their nature, and can generally carry children or impregnate others regardless (although some may temporarily change their sexual characteristics to accommodate it). Demons are apparently more strictly codified.

  • Xantcha from Magic: The Gathering has no sexual organs, physically mostly resembles a thirteen-year-old boy (despite being over 3000 years old) and identifies as female.

  • Chronicles of Darkness: Ephemeral beings in general (which as a broad category covers almost all immaterial entities, such as Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, Goetia and Abyssal Entities, among many others) typically do not have biological genders, since the large majority of them reproduce in abstract ways rather than the way humans do (Spirits and Goetia grow and develop sentience from the concepts they are based on developing in the material world, Angels are built by the God-Machine, ad so on), though some of them might assume forms with defined genders if it fits (Angels if it's needed for their mission, Goetia if they are based on people with defined genders...). The only consistent exception is Ghosts, who, being based on dead mortals, retain the genders they had in life.

  • Werewolf: The Forsaken: While Werewolves very much have defined genders, there is a Wolf Gift allowing its user to switch gender at will, meaning it's entirely possible to become a functional hermaphrodite.

  • Changeling: The Lost: A very complicated case with the True Fae; one the one hand, the forms they assume often (though not always) do have defined genders and can have sex. On the other hand, this is tricky in that they can have multiple at once; each True Fae actually is a single entity with multiple "Titles" which each have their own appearance, bodies, and identities. As such, it's possible for a True Fae to for example simultaneously be a man, a woman, an animal, and a mountain.

  • Demon: The Descent: Demons, being former Angels, obviously do not have defined genders. Their Covers (the human identities and appearance they use as disguises) do have them, but a Demon can have multiple Cover at once, and will usually lose a few of them over the course of their life.

  • Webcomics Sanyiel from Hero In Training has no physical sex, but passes for male.

  • Some of the mutated dogs in Wurr, most notably Iralbe and Riega, have no genitalia and are known as 'whispering ones'. Most of them still use male pronouns for simplicity's sake.

  • El Goonish Shive's Uryuoms are shape-shifters who technically have no distinct sexes, but those who live on Earth often take up male or female identities to avoid confusing humans.

  • Homestuck: Doc Scratch says, "I am an immortal entity with a large cue ball for a head, and no biological means of reproduction." Doesn't stop him from coming across as a creepy pedophile.

  • This is also implied to be the case for Tavrisprite, a fusion of Tavros and Vriska, doubly so due to being a sprite and being a combination of two characters of the opposite gender.

  • Caliborn and Calliope, two alien characters called Cherubs who share a body. While they identify as opposite genders their body is physically ambiguous, and it's later revealed that their entire species is like this, with the female and male halves battling for control over the body until one eventually wins, at which point the body takes on more secondary sex characteristics, but both genders are capable of getting pregnant. For bonus points, they are named after the main character of Middlesex, who was intersex.

  • The trolls have genders and secondary sexual characteristics (specifically: females have Non-Mammal Mammaries, or at least something that appears to be that, while males don't) but how these relate to reproduction is, at best, ambiguous. It doesn't seem to matter whether Matesprits or Kismesises (the two "reproductive" troll relationships) are of opposite genders or not (one troll reacts to a human saying he's not a homosexual by first being confused and when it's explained asking "HOW IS THAT EVEN A THING?"). Trolls don't physically mate in person, and the process apparently involves pails of "mating fluid" from several individuals being mixed together, so possibly there is actually is a biological difference between the genders and the concupiscent relationships just make the goo "better" somehow. Many fanfics portray trolls as effectively being Hermaphrodites.

  • The biogolems created by the Val'Jaal'darya clan in Drowtales do not have a physical sex and are all sterile, meaning that they're not technically even a species. Their sterility is implied to be on purpose to keep the Jaal's monopoly on the technology. Most of them appear externally female, but that's more Author Appeal on the part of the Jaal since they're a clan that Does Not Like Men. Despite this, Sata, one biogolem, is referred to using male pronouns by the author. Additionally, there are certain models that can act as Uterine Replicator and can carry babies to term, but these are implied to essentially be clones of the mother-to-be made from a blood sample (originally from taking a limb) and not actually female in any meaningful sense.

  • Landorus of Black Adventures says, "I am no more female than I am male. And I don't have any -parts-, so... it's ironic that I was once worshipped as the 'Kami of Fertility.'" after Professor Juniper asks if Landorus is female due to their feminine appearance.

  • Carbosillicate amorphs like the titular Sergeant Schlock of Schlock Mercenary reproduce by methods having nothing to do with the traditional concept of sex as practiced by humans. Reproduction can be accomplished by a form of asexual budding with the resulting new amorph's personality being based on the parent and a partner (who doesn't even have to be of the same species) that is imprinted at the budding stage. Alternatively, they can reproduce my mixing together parts of two separate amorphs in a form of pseudo-sexual reproduction. Those who hang around humanoids tend to identify with a gender but still don't attach any gender issues to reproduction.

  • Gabe of Skin Deep is a genderless angel.

  • In Commander Kitty, Zenith plots to create an army of "perfect children" once she's constructed her "perfect mate"...but she doesn't realize until it's too late that her android nature means her plan was doomed from the beginning.

  • In Shortpacked!, Ultra-Car starts off as a sentient car, then gets put in a female-looking robot body. When other characters are surprised by the implication that Samus Is a Girl, "she" sarcastically replies that "she" never had a gender; everyone else just decided a sexless car was malenote Though it was more her aggressively obnoxious personality that led most to think of her as male. She now calls herself a "trans-chassis woman."

  • The Phoenix A species in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures refer to themselves as she and look externally feminine, but are actually this and don't reproduce sexually at all, instead using Reincarnation since there can only be 42 at them at any given time.

  • The Kliks in Goblins are floating spheres, each formed of a specific type of matter or energy, who reproduce asexually by budding. Physical sex is meaningless to them, and two characters argue over gendered pronouns in front of one without any sign of interest from him/her/it.

  • Kill Six Billion Demons: Angels and Devils are both spiritual creatures of primordial flame with no biological means of reproduction and, at most, cosmetic sexual characteristics. Angels' spiritual forms become more human-looking the closer they get to humanity, which most of them consider a moral failing at best and criminal at worst; White Chain rankles at being called female, but defends feeling "a little... feminine." Devils, on the other hand, are fine with adopting human gender identities and even swap them without much fanfare. They do seem to be predominately male, but that likely has something to do with the multiverse being excessively misogynistic.

  • Toby, a half-demon, from The Settlers. He has little to no concept of gender, either, but gets referred to as "he".

  • None of the blob characters in Webcomic Name have an explicit gender, in order to allow readers to imagine themselves in the many situations that the comics depict, often of things that occur in everyday life. Parodied in "life drawing", where someone poses nude for life art and they have the word "GENITALS" around their crotch in place of actual genitalia. Blob 1: "it is important to understand the human form. hmm." (carefully examines the other blob's groin area) "understand understand..." (writes the word "GENITALS" in their sketchbook) Blob 2: "oh no"

  • Questionable Content: AIs have no biology whatsoever, but they tend towards the Ridiculously Human and often adopt human gender identities. Those that opt for human-looking robot bodies can have them designed to look male, female, or neuter, but there's a purposeful Shrug of God regarding how much detail they have under their clothes.

  • Trolls in PVP Online are asexual. Skull at one point tried to defend himself against (trumped-up charges) of sexual misconduct by stating trolls are asexual beings, only to have the press misquote him as "a sexual being".

  • Played with in Forward, set in a Transhuman future. Everyone is still born with biological sex characteristics, but surgery has advanced so far that they can be removed or switched around more or less at will. Binary gender expectations have dropped out of the culture almost entirely, as seen when a masculine-appearing character introduces themself as Jasmine, and almost all humans use they/them pronouns. The protagonist Lee has both a functioning penis and breasts, and it's slightly implied they started out as female but not fully clear.


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