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A Ashes Of Immortality Walkthrough [PATCHED]


This is how the phoenix became the player's main companion. As a result, all of the Immortals know of the phoenix' power and the source of their immortality is the phoenix. When it comes down to it, the Immortals are always ready to take the phoenix down at any cost.

The irony is that the phoenix sits on the verge of extinction. He is now so rare and endangered that one must be lucky to encounter one, much less destroy them. The only way to save the phoenix is by turning to those who find him the most elusive, dangerous creatures to exist: the Immortal Ones. The latter are the ones that seek to kill the phoenix for its powers. If the phoenix is killed, it becomes a phoenix carcass - this is how the source of immortality is contained. However, if the phoenix is allowed to escape, it can be a threat to all life on Earth. That's why the phoenix and its ally, the Siren, have been sealed away.

Long ago, before the universe was created, the Source of Immortality was discovered in the Land of the Oceans and sealed forever. The phoenix and the siren were able to witness this. The phoenix has been watching helplessly over the fate of the universe since then. It was in this dire state that the Kingdom of Sorun was created. And, as said, Sorun's mother died in the calamity of the continent, only for the phoenix to reunite with his mate, the Siren.

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Next week we'll be revealing a new set of mods for Destiny 2 which are yet to be announced. It's time to cover off the most exciting part of any Destiny 2 update, the Mod World Update.

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