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MaxSea Full Version BEST

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i have the maxsea full version and its been a nightmare. i have had a couple of chart displays go out with a long black line across the chart. i have just not been able to get these issues resolved. i use the mfd display on my ipad and i have maxsea time zero on the ipad as well. both chart displays go out and i have a black line across the chart.

carnivorous plants evolved to catch insects to get the fertilizers that are lacking in their soil. there are virtually no nutrients available in their planting media, so carnivores need to eat. healthy plants that have access to lots of prey probably don't need any fertilizing, although it would still be beneficial. most fertilizers are too strong for our plants and may severely damage or even kill them. we have found max-sea fertilizer to be the most gentle and effective. we lightly sprinkle all of our carnivores once a month with 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water. maxsea may be used on all of our plants from seedlings to mature specimens. apply to the leaves only, do not pour through the soil. use caution and lower concentrations when fertilizing more finicky south african sundews like drosera regia, glabripes, and slackii.

i have the same problem as the other user. the heading lines are gone. the bearing lines have one and an arrow at the end, but the lines are gone. i have used the same maxsea there is a small space to the right where the heading lines were, but that is the only way to tell there are any. i am not seeing the heading lines on any of the noaa s-57 charts either, nor the coastal ocean chart from c-map charts i used last year. i also have the same problem on the wide chart, which is the same as this one, but not as bad. i hope this helps, and it was not my fault, as i had a working conversion from navionics. 3d9ccd7d82

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