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If the Configuration console is informed by the Database which is not compatible with the current Runtime version, the Runtime version is automatically upgraded to the next version that is available, and the configuration settings of the previous Runtime version are still supported. While compatible with newer Runtime, the Database version needs to be upgraded and adapted to the new Runtime version.

Finally, the Configuration Console distinguishes between various Database environments. Solutions installed under mono-tier architecture are presented with the following setup wizard. In a multi-tier architecture, this wizard includes two steps: 1) loading of the configuration settings for the Runtime, and 2) configuration settings for the Database.

To enforce administration of configurations for the Database, a database administrator (DBA) of the Oracle Database must be specified. Before runtime installation, the DBA user is loaded, but before the configuration settings for the Runtime are initiated, it is advised to refresh the DBA user whenever needed. is a free office suite that lets you create and view word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and viewer files. It can be a powerful tool when searching for documents and pdf files. There is no need to download the Adobe Acrobat Professional application to view document files. These are not true office files, as they only contain one file, the document itself, also referred to as the format, which is unavailable anywhere else. If you do not have an Acrobat, a sample document can be viewed for free at: Without an install identifier, a sample document can be downloaded at: For full details, please see the Open Office Project page . d2c66b5586

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