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what i really want from a space shooter is a near-infinite universe, space stations that can be landed on and explored, and even a space yacht. there are many sci-fi games with this, but how often do you get to fly around in them i think that everspace could benefit from a more grand scope. i wish the developers would expand their universe and start expanding the top-down perspective and the sort of exploration and space-y tasks it can accommodate.

those issues aside, everspace is a beautiful game. it has a gorgeous look, with smooth animations and a large variety of ships and weapons. the graphics are also reflected in the balance of the game: the combat system is simple and accessible while the exploration is deep and rewarding. its a visual treat that i hope will whet your appetite to see where the game goes next.

we can also announce that after everspace has released, we will be developing a large number of add-on content packs over the coming months. as we want to make sure the player-base has as much content as possible, we have decided to release these at a slower pace to give the players more time to experience what they want from the game. we will not be releasing any paid add-on packs, though, as we want to ensure that the base game is always as good as possible.

in everspace 1.3.5, you can visit the alien planet from the tutorial, but then you have to head back to the homeworld. to get to the new planet you need to find a way back to it. in order to help you with this, we have extended the'scan the area' functionality, making it now much easier to get out of the limited home systems. 3d9ccd7d82

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