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Train Simulator 2015 Game Full Free Download

Train games have always been in the market just like Thomas the tank engine. Whenever you are free you can play train games as these are simple yet interesting with multiple tasks for you to complete. Train Simulator is no different; it is a similar game but with little advancement. Train Simulator 2015 is a real time train simulation game that is developed by Dovetail Games. The first part of the game featured the real world routes of the five places and included three new fiction based routes as well. This game was released on the 12th of June 2009 for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating System and more.

Train Simulator 2015 Game Full Free Download

This game features a range of new trains as well an enormous range of challenges for you to play and compete with. If you love the simulations of train and such type of games then you should give this game a try. With the new updated and enhanced graphics, and a few improvements for the newbies this game is perfect for you. Train Simulator 2015 brings excellent trap techniques and is here with multiple new rewards and challenges that are offered as you go through the train tracks.

Train Simulator brings back your childhood memories as you push forward your train on the rails. You can either explore the huge map provided in the game or can complete the given tasks to you. As the trains move, you get the real sound effects that are amazing and give you a real time experience in this Train Simulator 2015. With the high end and advanced technology machines, featuring different classes and third party routes as well as locos this game is amazing.

MULTI TOUCH STUDIO Presents - "Train Sim 2015" for FREE on The Google Play Store now!Be a Train Driver and enjoy the train simulator game. Ride through the tunnels, subway, desert, mountains & hill, city and snow stations in this amazing train simulator game. Being a Train Driver, you need to be careful while driving on rail tracks, change the rail tracks on time and don't collide with other trains. Play the best train simulator game of 2015 now! It rushes past you at the super high super fast speeds. It moves like a lighting bolt. Edging like the thunder, gleaming like a bullet.Can you handle it? Get in the luxurious train. Fulfill your biggest childhood dream of being the train driver in this cutting edge train sim. Control the train, pass through the stations,deliver the passengers safely.The perfect combination to have fun for both adults & kids who are fond of trains & adventurous trip. Pick up the passengers from stations, carry some freight if demanded, drive and control your train perfectly with modern and new 3D graphics.Train sim taken to the ultimate level with ultra realistic physics. Multiple choices of 3D train models.Drive your very own train and reach the destination safely.Change the camera view for suitable scenic angles. If you enjoy games like Flight Simulator, Bus Simulator, Truck Simulator, Goat Simulator, Dinosaur Simulator and Shark Simulator you are going to love this Train Drive Sim 2015.What are you waiting for? Try this thrilling train sim now! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TRAIN SIM 2015 GAME HIGHLIGHTS:1. Zoom with superfast trains2. Scenic 3D locations3. Exciting Day & Night mode4. Revoultionary Train Physics and HD Graphics.5. Multiple Camera Angles6. Change directions at the right time7. Upgrade various steam, coal engines8. FREE game to play.9. Compatible with all devices.10.Masterful Level Design11. Best Train simulator game!12. Ease Train Driver sim features13.UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on GOOGLE PLAY leader board.14. Share your score on Facebook.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GAME INSTRUCTIONS:- Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards to slow down- Press halt to stop the train- Swipe left and right to take turns-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT:We have made this game compatible & user friendly with all mobile devices & tablets, if you have problem during installation, please email us at customer support for help. Email us at

Dovetail Games, publisher and developer of the leading train simulation game Train Simulator, has today announced the next installment in the series. In the development of Train Simulator 2015, Dovetail Games has worked closely with train builders Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd to include a highly accurate recreation of their new Class 800/801 trains.

Train Simulator 2015 is a train simulation game which is developed by Dovetail Games. It was released on 12 June 2009. The first part of the game was released all five real-world routes and it had three new fiction routes.

Train Simulator 2015 was an interesting game. It reignited your childhood just a bit of a time you have to bring a context on the rails is simple pushing forward. This game has a fabulous and free-roam game. It has move trucks to your hearts with the wonderful sounds too. This game has a lot of third party routes and locos. It has a high-end machine especially the class.

Back when Microsoft Train Simulator was popular, someone created an incomplete but detailed CTA route for that with Mr. CTA. However, the sounds only played in scenarios and not free roam because they were tied to the scenario and not the train. I'm assuming Train Sim 2015 is the same in that aspect.

TS2015 is different because unlike Microsoft's Train Simulator, trains can now load and unload realistically, with sounds and animations included. These sounds are tied to the train, and are played in both free roam and scenarios as a result. So if Briman94 is using free roam to demo his route, these are the only sounds you'll hear for now.

I believe you can actually have triggers in Free Roam in TS2015. You can also tie the sounds to the train, but holy cow that would be a lot of soundscript entries. The nice thing about Train Simulator is that it has full scripting so I could probably break it up (presumably like the real system does) into the station names, "is next", "This is", "Doors open on the", "Left" and "Right", etc. and play them in sequence.

That said, free-to-play games are often noted for their lack of restraint when it comes to paid DLC, and this release is no exception. The total cost of all optional content currently sits at $314, and nearly half of that comes from the exorbitant $150 platinum skin pack. The game may have its fans, but a single DLC in excess of $100 is tough to defend.

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